April 1, 2009

Getting To Know You

With the G 20 meeting in London, President Barack Obama met with the Queen of England for the first time today. The President presented her with a gift.......an Ipod loaded with 40 Broadway showtunes! And yes.....it included Seasons of Love! He also gave her a rare songbook by Richard Rodgers personally signed by him. Does that mean the Queen is a theatre geek too? And the ipod......will it now be called the Royal Ipod?

Read more about it from the Daily Telegraph.


Lani said...

From Tom Foreman, Beat 360 photo-captioning staff winner:
“In exchange for breaking away from your nation, humiliating your authority, and forming the most powerful political, military, and economic country on the face of the planet…uh, we brought you an iPod"

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