April 13, 2009

Woman Heal Thyself

In connection with yesterday's post, I've been meaning to blog about the book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. Throughout my recovery last year, I read many books, but this one has become one of my go-to books, a sort of bible. I first saw Dr. Christian Northrup---where else?---on Oprah where she was talking about menopause. Then I saw another presentation of hers on another channel. She seems like a very funny, compassionate and intelligent woman, an original thinker and pioneer.

Her book discusses female problems of course and conventional medicine, holistic approaches, diet, nutrition. But the real eye-openers are the individual stories that illustrate the mind-body connection. The tales are so startling and enlightening, they will make you look into your life and gain an understanding of yourself (and even other women in your family).

So if you have XX chromosomes, keep this book in your collection.


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