May 20, 2009

So Anyway......

Last Monday night (5/18) the Actors Fund presented Julia Murney in Concert at Feinstein's in NYC. It was part of the Actors Fund Concert Series. This concert had a different feel compared to her concerts in the past mainly because it was in a more formal lounge and instead of a band she only had a piano (Tony nominee Tom Kitt, who also served as Music Director), cello (Mairi Dorman) and guitar (Michael Aarons) accompanying her. It had a more acoustic feel to it. Beautiful and intimate.

The set list includes:
Crazy For You
Misery and Happiness
Much at All
Regretting What I Said (A Musical Apology)
Brave Parade
Seeing You Again
So Anyway
Good Thing Going/Not A Day Goes By
It's Amazing The Things That Float
Rainbow Sleeves

What can I say......great song choices......and the voice.....stunning! It was more ballad heavy this night but she made sure there were funny songs sandwiched between. One of my favorite is Cindy, a song by Andrew Lippa (on a side note, I've actually heard him sing it in a high girly voice at the Johnny Mercer Symposium here at Northwestern University in 2007). It's a song about Cinderella transforming into a dominatrix once she gets her Prince Charming. It's very, very amusing!

I've always loved her version of Misery and Happiness from her cd but this time, since I was sitting house right by the cello, it was really lovely to hear the cello during this song. The hero of the night would be Tom Kitt for insisting that she sing one of the songs from Next To Normal. It turns out to be So Anyway which is a devastating song in itself but tonight I really did find myself teary-eyed after her rendition. It doesn't usually happen to me in a concert. In a show yes, but at a concert.....only now. Maybe because she also had tears welling up and was devastatingly moving plus this haunting cello arrangement in the background. I really was moved. Other highlights of the night, Much at All, Seeing You Again and Brave Parade.

I've seen other Broadway artists at their solo concerts and particularly during the banter, they feel very scripted so I am constantly amazed at how Julia Murney grabs hold of her audience during her concerts. She's just a natural and very at ease or even if she's not, she manages to turn it into an amusing banter off the cuff. What a great night and to top it all, got to meet nice people too!

Here are some of the pics I took:

The marquee

Tom Kitt (Hero and Music Director of the night)


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Great review - lucky you! Am most envious. Sounds like a typically amazing Julia Murney gig :)

Pinky said...

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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