May 10, 2009

A Time Steppin' Time!

Last Thursday (5/7) we saw the touring production of Mary Poppins here in Chicago. It features the original Broadway leads Ashley Brown (Mary Poppins) and Gavin Lee (Bert). Gavin Lee actually also originated the role of Bert in London.

It's a very entertaining show. I love the set......which as the play opened, looked like a pen and ink drawing of Victorian London with a house in the center. The house suddenly opens and reveals it's insides like a pop-up book! It's pretty clever. The leads were great! If you close your eyes and just listen, Ashley Brown sounds so much like Julie Andrews. Gavin Lee, a wonderful hoofer, was very charismatic as Bert. Even the kids that played the Banks children were wonderful dancers and singers. Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who's blog I follow in youtube, was adorable as Robertson Ay.

My favorite number is Step In Time......which is a tap number set on the rooftops of London. I specially liked the moment where the orchestra is suddenly quiet and Gavin Lee (Bert) only made sounds with his taps. Great rhythm and beats! ***SPOILERS!!! He even tapped upside down on the proscenium during this number!

It won't be in the windy city for long (only until July 12) so try to catch it while you can!

Addendum (5/10 8:54pm): On a side note, we went to the stage door and I was quite amused to witness my friend Jon being starstruck. He was bouncing and giddy as a little kid talking to Ashley Brown and forgot what he was going to say. It's quite a relief to see that happen to other people too actually.......ha ha I'm not alone.

Check out some of the photos I took that night:

Poster outside of the theatre

Mary Poppins trailer by the stagedoor

the very friendly and adorable Andrew-Keenan Bolger who plays Robertson Ay

Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee and Emily Harvey

Ashley Brown (Mary Poppins)

Gavin Lee (Bert) - he actually told me to keep on tapping! How cool!


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