July 6, 2009

Spectacular! Spectacular!

Maestro Keith Lockhart

If you ever have a chance to go to the annual Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, GO! This historic city is after all, the birthplace of freedom. Use mass transit (ride MBTA subway, commuter rail and buses free after 10:30 PM.) Or if you have to use ya cah, get to the Esplanade early and pahk ya cah! Line up to get a wristband that will let you leave and enter the Oval all day. Find a good viewing spot and camp out. It's a wonderful atmosphere, and we met many friendly folks who kept an eye on our stuff while we ventured out into the city. (We also gladly returned the favor.) Most of Beantown's major attractions are within walking distance.
The Hatch Shell. Bring food, books, drinks and games. (All tents had to be taken down by 6 PM though) . Music started playing at noon. There's a pre-show at 8 PM, followed by the Pops' concert at 8:30. After the national anthem, the US Air Force did a fly-over.

The Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson emceed the national telecast which began at 10 PM on CBS. He was his usual hilarious self. During one commercial break, he danced with Keith Lockhart....twice! They are very good dancers. Mr. Ferguson told us to not ever speak of this :) One soldier yelled out that he'll put it on Youtube.
The Boston Pops
Another shot of the Pops

Congressman John Lewis paid tribute to Abraham Lincoln on the 200th anniversary of our 16th President's birth.
Neil Diamond sang "Crackin' Rosie", "Forever in Blue Jeans" and of course, "Sweet Caroline". At every Red Sox game, this favorite sing-along song is played before the bottom of the 8th inning. Mr. Diamond did an encore during the commercial break.

US Army Herald Trumpets who led the rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

The confetti at the end
The big finish: Fireworks after the 1812 Overture
A patriotic sing-along featuring these songs: America; America the Beautiful; Yankee Doodle; The Yankee Doodle Boy; This Land is your Land; You're a Grand Old Flag, and God Bless America.
The actual fireworks which ran for a half hour.
A great day in Boston---the cradle of liberty. I daresay Boston's got New York beat when it comes to Independence Day celebrations. And I'm saying that as a former Massachusetts and current New York resident :D


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