September 15, 2009

Broadway's Green Theatre

The newly renovated Henry Miller's Theatre is home to this season's Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of the musical Bye Bye Birdie. The show is currently in previews with a 15th of October opening.

This is Broadway's first green theatre. According to Gothamist:

"The owners (The Durst Organization and Bank of America) are applying for an LEED Gold rating for the theater, which was built behind the preserved and restored neo-Georgian fa├žade of the original 1918 theater. The theater's publicist stated that 25 percent of the construction materials was locally sourced (originating within a 500-mile radius), and a minimum 85 percent of construction and demolition debris was diverted from landfill and instead was recycled."

And for the women used to long lines at the restroom, the ladies bathroom has...wait for it...*drumroll* astounding 22 stalls! This is 3 times the code requirement! (The men's room sports waterless urinals.) "And 95% of the air is filtered, with carbon dioxide sensors to maximize fresh air supply."

The downside? I want to see a show in this theatre, but not Bye Bye Birdie. Especially not with John Stamos and Gina Gershon. We'll see what the next offering will be.

If you want to stay informed on how the Great White Way is trying to go green, visit The Broadway Green Alliance.


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