September 14, 2009

She Would Be The Pope

I saw the documentary The September Issue, Anna Wintour and the making of Vogue Saturday night (9/12) and the title of this post came from a qoute from the movie. The interviewer asked one of the Vogue editors "If fashion was a religion, what would Anna be?" She answered "She would be the Pope".

R.J. Cutlers, director, had unprecidented access to follow Ms. Wintour as she leads her team into making the Sept 2007 issue of Vogue. It takes you through behind the scenes of the fashion industry from pre-shows, photo shoots, team meetings, fashion week, deadlines and debates as to which shoots gets to be in the magazine.

It's been well known that Ms. Wintour has been dubbed as "the real devil wears prada". But from this documentary, I found her just being a perfectionist and a reserved person. She would only answer just enough information that was required by the question. Yet when it comes to fashion itself, she was very frank. She'd be stoic when she didn't like the outfit but you'd also see her crack a smile when she was pleased. She's not a vicious Miranda Priestly as was portrayed in the movie by Meryl Streep and she didn't have any diva tantrum moments. She has this instinct that knows what drives fashion forward which I appreciate and came to understand with this movie. I think it's mainly people's perception of her that makes her larger than life and more intimidating. I mean, I don't really know her but that was what I gathered from the movie.

I found this movie very entertaining and really interesting. It's very funny. Most of which was due to Grace Coddington's (a former model and now the Creative Director of Vogue) dry wit and sarcasm. She is an unsung fashion genius and has a wonderful relationship with Ms. Wintour. It was fun to see her stand up to the force that is Ms. Wintour and hold her ground. Yes it can be done! Lovely to see the delicate relationship of these two women who sometimes don't see eye to eye but have great chemistry that propels the fashion world forward.

I do appreciate the dedication and attention to details that this movie shows. I guess fashion, which may be frivolous to some people, can also be considered as art. I see that. The power that one woman's vision could propel the fashion industry into it's future is fascinating to watch.


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