September 29, 2009

A Steady Rain

Thanks to my sister Cecile's friend Malyn for these first two photos of Mr. Jackman!

Hugh the Man!
crowd waiting at the stage door
We watched the last preview of A Steady Rain on an initially rainy Sunday. But the weather didn't dampen our spirits one bit. The two-man play by Keith Huff is the story of two childhood friends, Denny (Mr. Jackman) and Joey (Mr. Craig in his Broadway debut) who became Chicago policemen. It is a narrative of events in their personal lives and careers that will irreversibly alter their relationship.

Mr. Jackman's Denny is decidedly the flashier character; he talks tough, struts around the stage and for all his talk about logic, makes seemingly illogical decisions. And yet he remains a sympathetic character. Mr. Craig is his nebbish partner, with his moustache, sensible shoes and suspenders. There is absolute no trace of James Bond in his posture, his accent, his body language. It is always a treat to watch performers transform and reinvent themselves, especially actors who are known for larger-than-life characters.

The play opened today. Its limited run ends on 06 December 2009. Watch these two gentlemen square off live on stage. And please...come on time and turn off that darn cellphone! Don't let Hugh go all Wolverine on you!


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