October 17, 2009

From a Galaxy Not Too Far, Far Away

Cecile, her husband and I went to see Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings concert performed by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra a few years ago. It was an incredible show. And now, here comes Star Wars in Concert. Iconic music from movies, television shows and theatre are, to me, such a powerful part of our culture. They can evoke strong emotions and memories and connects us all, wherever we are in the world. The viewing experience becomes a wonderful shared experience.

This out-of-this-world tour premiered in London this past April and made its U.S. debut on 01 October in Anaheim, California. As if John Williams' score performed by a full orchestra and choir was not enough, the concert is accompanied by props, costumes and other production materials from the films, including behind-the-scenes video from Lucasfilm.

Click here to see when it's coming to your city.

(photo of Maestro...umm, Master Yoda from Wikipedia.)


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