October 24, 2009

Here's the thing...

With a heavy heart, I finished reading Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir by Kathy Griffin. Ms. Griffin is a controversial comic: you either hate her or you love her. I happen to be a Kathyshipper. I've seen her television specials, seen her act live at the Madison Square Garden, and am a regular viewer of her Bravo series. Nice to see that she is as honest and as fearless as she is in her book as in other media . I was expecting the usual book by comedians filled with jokes that they never got to use, but instead found an uncensored version of Kathy Griffin's life. With many laugh-out-loud segments. We get to know her family (I love her parents Maggie and John even more.). She even discusses her disturbed older brother. She chronicles her eating disorder, her harrowing plastic surgeries. We get an intimate look at the life of a struggling comic and a failed marriage. The only weak link was the over-long chapter on her email exchanges with Steve Wozniak. I loved the interview with Random House at the end, the reading guide and the hilarious index.

A+ for this self-proclaimed D-lister. The book doesn't suck at all.


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