October 2, 2009

More Steady Rain

My thoughts on the play, A Steady Rain, are very similar to Lani's post. It's a riveting play that would keep an audience at the end of their seats. In fact, the day we saw it (Sunday, 9/27), you could hear a pin drop as the audience were hanging on to every word of the dialogue. Hollywood stars Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman were able to transcend their iconic screen characters, James Bond and Wolverine and transform themselves into very believable Chicago Joes. Praise too should be given for Hugh Jackman's and Daniel Craig's command of the Chicago accent. It was eerily uncanny that they sounded so much like my boss, Jim, who grew up in the South Side. The intonation, the prolonged A's on words...very authentic! They never wavered and sustained the accent throughout the play. I was very impressed!

Here are my photos at the stagedoor:

Hugh Jackman

more Hugh Jackman

and even more Hugh Jackman! We were lucky that his service car was parked right in front of us.

Check out the craziness at the stagedoor!

the craziness even spread across the street


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