November 23, 2009

Shirts Off Their Backs

A Steady Rain dynamic duo Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig have raised $ 1 Million dollars for BC/EFA!

Around this time, most shows on Broadway and Off-Broadway usually do a 6 week fundraising campaign for BC/EFA. Most shows will have an announcement at the curtain call telling the audience that cast members will be in the lobby with buckets for whatever an audience member would be willing to donate. Some shows sell signed playbills or posters and sometimes will do an auction. It's really a very fun time for both the cast and audience.

This time, the actors from A Steady Rain did something very unique--they auctioned their wife beaters that they wore during the show. Both would practically take their shirts off on stage during the auction. There were even accounts that Hugh Jackman's wife beater even had tasseled pasties when he took his shirt off! He even worked the crowd by gyrating and making them twirl to the amusement of his co-star Daniel Craig. I commend these two for being so generous and what great sport they have been to raise money for a good cause! To read more about it, please click here.

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