November 8, 2009

Wishful Drinking

I've always enjoyed Carrie Fisher's sense of humor so Lani and I couldn't resist seeing her show, Wishful Drinking last Saturday (Oct. 31). Ms. Fisher details her life from birth, to her stint in Star Wars and it's effect on her life, to her drinking days, to being diagnosed as bipolar and to the present where she has embraced her follies. It was hilarious and comical but at the same time specially poignant. I admire her wit and her courage with which she candidly embraces her disorder and openly relays so much details of life. Specially funny were the segments of Hollywood Inbreeding 101, where she discusses her family tree and reveal their dysfunctions, and the saga of Star Wars and it's forever lasting effects on her life. If you get a chance go see it. She's quite a character.

I love the Wishful Drinking poster. It just sets up the kind of humor you'll experience in the show.


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