December 3, 2009

Honesty With A Dash Of Hopefulness

This week, Julia Murney has been busy teaching a masterclass for theatre students of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. She gives soon to be professional theatre actors a glimpse of the life of a working actor in NYC. Check out the videos below where she talks about the reality of the business behind the glamour of Broadway.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Incidentally, she will also be performing with WMU senior students at Late Night Broadway, a cabaret held at Terry Williams Theatre tonight Dec 3 until Saturday Dec 5. For more information about the concert, please click here.

(video courtesy of Fox17)


Anonymous said...

I have to get home to be able to listen to them -- and is it sad that I watched them at work without sound? Anyhow, is that a clip from a bootleg I see in part 1? What a hoot!

Pinky said...

Ireadtolive.....yes I also thought that it was amusing that a news station would use bootlegs from youtube as their video segment to use. Ha Ha Ha

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