December 23, 2009

NY Mag's Best Performances of '09

NY Magazine posted their Best Performance's of 2009 and Broadway's Jen Cody made it to the list! Now, I haven't seen the Princess and the Frog yet but I know Lani has and raved about it.....and about her. Here's what the magazine had to say about her:
"It's not easy to serve as an unofficial corporate apology while remaining totally endearing, but Broadway vet Cody pulls it off in Disney's re-envisioning of their lucrative princess franchise. Man-crazy, sickeningly rich, and desperate to be royalty, Lottie serves as flouncing counterpoint to the movie's sensible heroine, Tiana — but pretty much steals the show." —Dan Kois
To see who else made it to the list, please click here.
(photo from NY Mag)


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