December 12, 2009


Last snowy Wednesday night (12/9), Abbi, Tom and I saw the new Cirque Du Soleil show, Banana Shpeel. They're doing their out of town tryouts here in Chicago before they open in NYC next year. It was billed as a theatrical merge of vaudeville, hip hop and tap. Well, I've never done this EVER, but this night I walked out at intermission.

I'm not really a fan of the "Three Stooges" type of slapstick comedy and I was aware that this would be part of the show. However, I thought that the vaudeville part would just be a minor part. More of a "master of ceremonies" portion which introduced the dances or the acrobat acts that Cirque is known for. Alas, the slapstick comedy was drawn out for what seems to be forever. It wasn't really funny and you realize why that style has lost it's audience. But you have to sit through it to get to see the dances or acrobat acts which I thought were good. I even remember thinking.....Oh my, I missed the season finale of Glee for this?!! So there you go once the lights went up at intermission, Abbi, Tom and I headed out the door wishing we had just stayed home.

Some photos I took that night:

Chicago Theatre marquee

the chandelier hanging at the theatre lobby


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