January 29, 2010

Grammy Ad

This ad is pure genius. As the Grammy's tries to shake off its "granny image", the creators of this ad wanted to capture the essence of the Youtube generation. Using user-generated content, they created a classic 30-second video that deserves recognition.

The cast is international and instruments played are just as varied. You can click on any of the floating videos (you have to be quick with your mouse though) to see the actual Youtube post. Two Filipinas doing a teeny-bopper dance, two "blokes" with ukeles, and a host of other colorful personalities. My personal favorites are the drum covers, the guitar solo, and the hilarious acapella group that appears on the lower left hand corner of the screen at 0:18.

I'm officially obsessed with this ad. There's also Beyonce and LL Cool J versions but neither are as playful. Check out their website too for a similar fan-driven experience, wereallfans.com. Kudos to the creative team who came up with this campaign.


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