January 29, 2010

It's Complicated

It's Complicated..........Jane and Jake have been divorced for 10 years. All of a sudden, they begin to fool around........with each other! A perfect scenario for mayhem.

You know those movies where you see the trailer and all the funny stuff are already in it? Well, this isn't one of them. This movie is so funny I was really surprised at how enjoyable it was. I knew coming in to it that Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin would be good but the material they were given was extremely hilarious and peppered through out the movie. I loved it. Another gem of this movie is John Krasinski. I'm not an "Office" fan but I found him to be equally as hilarious as the two leads.

There is a great moment towards the end of the movie when Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin were both sitting on the swing. They were sitting there in silence with probably just only 2 lines of dialogue between them but you knew what they were saying with their silence. It's brilliant acting.

On a side note, theatre fans keep your eyes out for Deidre Goodwin (Sheila from A Chorus Line Revival) who plays the nurse at the fertility clinic.

(photo from IMDB.com)


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