January 28, 2010

Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger

From PIRG:

"The Department of Justice (DOJ) got your e-mails -- all 15,000 of them!

Though the government typically rubber-stamps all mergers, this week the U.S. Attorney General and 17 state Attorneys General announced that when Ticketmaster and LiveNation merge, they must comply with tough regulations that should benefit consumers, artists, and competitors.

The new company must:

- Sell a ticketing firm it owns to one of its competitors;

- License its ticketing software to competitors at fair prices; and

- For the next ten years, the government can fine the new company $10,000 per violation for threats or retaliation against competitors, concert venues or artists who can't get a fair deal.

We remain concerned that merging Ticketmaster and LiveNation will result in a monopoly. But these conditions, if strongly enforced, should encourage competition, lower prices and offer more choices.

You can read more about the DOJ decision from U.S. PIRG Consumer Advocate Ed Mierzwinski.

Thank you for taking action."


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