February 16, 2010

Colbert Sport Report

If like me, you're a regular viewer of Stephen Colbert, you know that the fundit is in the XXI Winter Olympics. Back in November, the U.S. speedskating team's primary sponsor DSB Bank pulled out after declaring bankruptcy. The Colbert Nation raised more than $300,000 and became the team's main sponsor.

In the lead-up to the Winter Games, Mr. Colbert did regular Olympic features, like auditioning for the bobsled, skeleton, curling teams. He even "raced" with 2006 speedskating gold medalist Shani Davis. He was eventually rewarded with a trip to the Vancouver Games as the team's Assistant Psychologist. When he had NBC Universal Sports chief Dick Ebersol as a guest on the show, he was invited to help cover the Games for the network. Mr. Ebersol even gave Stephen a sweater vest to make it official. The pseudo-pundit will join Bob Costas tomorrow, 17 February to do commentary.

The Colbert Report will be in repeats all this week. New Olympic-related shows start airing 22 February on Comedy Central.

(photo from MSNBC)


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