February 5, 2010

A Little Bit Wicked

Kristin Chenoweth's book A Little Bit Wicked is a brisk and engaging read. She talks about her life growing up in a lovely and close knit family, her pageant days, her early days auditioning, to Wicked and being on the West Wing. In it she also openly talks about her relationships particularly with "Mr. Writer" aka Aaron Sorkin who also openly contributed his thoughts and feelings for her in the book. As a reader I got the feeling that these two people really cared for each other.......in a very "The Way We Were" kind of way.

There are a lot of recollection about the shows she's done as well as people she's worked with like her Music Director Andrew Lippa and her best friend Denny Downs. She does often get off tangent throughout the book but for me this just makes this read enjoyable. The tone of the book is so very much like her that in that I was hearing her voice in my head while I read. I found that very amusing. It's not all funny stuff though. She's also very reflective about her life and her faith. It's actually very admirable to find out how her grounded she is with her spirituality.

(photo from Amazon.com)


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