February 19, 2010

You are Gold!

Stagenotes has Olympic fever! Congratulations to Zhen Xue and Zhao Hongbo for becoming the figure skating pairs champions. Already in their 30s, I especially love that they came out of retirement to pursue that Olympic gold medal. The happy couple's victory ended decades of Russian dominance.

And of course, Evan Lysacek for his exquisite, flawless and consistent performances that gave Team USA its first men's figureskating gold medal since Brian Boitano in 1988. Kudos to the Russian Federation's Evgeni Plushenko for also coming back from retirement to capture the silver medal.

We can't wait for more Olympic action and drama!


Jon said...

so far so good. i wonder how the ladies competition will turn out. Yu na kim? Mirai nagasu? mao asada?

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