March 22, 2010

First Weekend of Spring 2010

It was a gorgeous weekend here in the Northeast, so I trekked to the Upper West Side. This is the American Museum of Natural History.
Lincoln and New York exhibit which ends 25 March 2010. I didn't know the President had such a contentious relationship with New York City residents (traditionally Democrats). When he stepped off the train from Illinois, New Yorkers were unimpressed with his fashion style. Famed 19th century photographer Mathew Brady took the famous photograph of Mr. Lincoln the day of his Cooper Union speech. He turned up the collar to hide the then-potential-Republican nominee's neck. When Congress passed laws to draft men for the Civil War, it resulted in a four day riot that still remains the largest civil insurrection in American history. All the venom and vitriol aimed at the President just goes to show that politics never changes.
New York Historical Society, the city's oldest museum and research library
Photos weren't allowed at the exhibit. I loved this bit of trivia that the docent shared with us: An 11 year old girl from upstate NY named Grace Bedell wrote then-Republican-presidential candidate to grow whiskers to improve his appearance. He wrote her back, making no promises. But he did grow a beard a month later.
Nature and the American Vision: The Hudson River School at N-YHS
Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American Culture
Tiffany lamps, furniture, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, metals on display

Times Square painting

Study of Alice in Wonderland from Central Park

Grateful Dead exhibit (again, no photos allowed)
The exhibit had a replica of the coat he wore during his magnificent second Inaugural Address and on the day of his assassination. It was made by Brooks Brothers. The original is kept in Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. After he passed away, New Yorkers lined the streets and mourned as he made his way back from Washington to Illinois. I am moved by the fact that he died during Passover and on Good Friday, 15 April 1865. The man who set the slaves free and saved the Union.

Chez Lenard, Ridgefield, CT. Hurray for street food!

Ballard Park bandstand in Ridgefield, CT

Bissell House Ridgefield, CT


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