April 27, 2010

Better and Better

There is a newly restored and remastered Pride and Prejudice dvd just released and it is the ever favorite BBC/A&E version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth!

According to this review from MonsterandCritics.com, "this is the best DVD version available. The colors have been corrected by taking this version directly from the negative using the most current technologies available. That is the first major improvement, as the characters look vibrant and lively, not overly red or strangely pale green as in earlier releases. Additional benefits of newer technologies can be heard in the sound quality which is perfected with this restoration and scenes flow seamlessly without any interruption in the viewing experience."

The 2 disc series also include some delightful bonus features:
  • Lasting Impressions has interviews of the cast and crew
  • An Impromptu Walkabout with Lucy Briers and Adrian Lukis, takes viewers to various scenes of the shoot with the actors who played Mary Bennet and Mr. Wickham
  • Turning Point takes a close look at Pride & Prejudice 1995 as a watermark in the filming and presentation of historical or literary dramas
  • Uncovering the Technical Restoration Process allows viewers to see what was done in terms of technical processing to make this DVD of such high quality.
With all these new features, I can just hear Lizzie utter "Happy thought indeed!"

(photo fr. Amazon.com)


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