April 23, 2010

Hug an Actor/Techie/Theatre Geek Day!

In case you didn't know (I sure didn't), today is Hug an Actor/Techie/Theatre Geek Day! Because sometimes applause just isn't enough. On this date, let the theatre people in your life know that they are loved away from the theatre.

From Facebook: "If you are a crazy insane theatre geek, then you will realize that this date is the same day as the death of William Shakespeare... how else do you honor a man who shaped the art as we know it than by hugging those that the changes have affected the most?

(Its on his death day because on all the information I found, his birthday doesn't have an actual date, its speculated to be the same day as his death, but there's no for sure information about that. His death, however, has an actual date, so I went with that.)

Techies also include the orchestras for musicals, the people selling the tickets, basically, if you're involved with a show, but not performing on the stage, you qualify as a techie."


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