April 10, 2010

Oh my Demigod!

Clash of the Titans...I really wanted to like you. Because I love mythology, and I loved the original. Cheesy it may be. But alas, I did not like this reincarnation. The only titans clashing were acting greats Liam Neeson---Zeus with the awesomest shoulder pads and shiny armor---and Ralph Fiennes (Hades/Voldemort who kinda reminded me of Eric Bana's Star Trek Nero and had John Travolta's Battlefield Earth look without the extra make-up). Some people actually left the theater. I dozed off here and there ( I think that's because of the script and cinematography.) I stayed just to see the Kraken released...and even that seemed drawn out and anti-climactic.

While it's nice to see Sam Worthington in a skirt, I did not get invested in any of the characters. Perseus spoke like Batman or Russell Crowe. The men reminded me of the 300 warriors, but with guyliners. Many scenes reminded me of the LOTR. Winged creatures=Fell beasts; Giant scorpions=Shelob; Wimpy People of Argos=Wimpy People of Minas Tirith. One big beef: the writers CHANGED the mythology.

I did however enjoy the mechanical owl Bubo's cameo.


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