May 25, 2010

Innuendo And Outuendo

Most theatre sites and blog interview stage actors, producers or the creative team. Seldom do we hear from fans. I'd like to point you out to this fan interview from Innuendo& It's an interview with a fan named Kerri who's seen Wicked so many times that she has lost count! She's seen every possible Elphaba-Glinda pairing out there and gives great insights and observations about the production, characters and the persons who played them.

My favorite, mainly because I do feel the same way (in terms of understanding the character and acting choices) is this:
Julia Murney, I believe, is the best Elphaba. She truly understood the character and made defining acting choices. I actually saw her Elphaba debut on tour, and was reduced to tears – I’d never seen the role portrayed to such intensity. She devoted herself entirely to the character, and it was Elphaba onstage. Not Julia Murney.

For the full interview please click here.


Isaac Evans said...

Thanks for posting a link! I'm the editor of the site and always appreciate the traffic.

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