May 13, 2010


  • If you watched Glee this week, you saw Zack Weinstein as Finn's friend. Here's the npr feature about this young handicapable actor.
  • Betty White mania continues! The comedy legend, fresh off her grandslam SNL hosting duties, has been nominated for an MTV Movie Award. The category? Best WTF Moment for getting overly familiar with Sandra Bullock's lady parts in The Proposal. The awards will be handed out on 06 June.
  • If you're as Lost as I was by this week's episode, "Across the Sea", read this interview with producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
  • Glee's very own Mr. Shue, Matthew Morrison, will join Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes at CANY's (Creative Alternatives for New York) annual gala on 17 May. This year's event, Broadway at the Boathouse...Encore, will honor Dr. Sandra Bloom, creator of Sanctuary Model of Trauma informed care and co-director of Drexel University's Center for Non-Violence and Social Justice.
  • Edward Norton has started a new company, Crowdrise for fundraising, volunteering and online giving. Even if you don't sign up, the funny and clever website is a hoot.
    Sample: their tagline is---If you don't give back, no one will like you. Kudos Mr. Norton! (Many thanks to Maan for this information!)


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