May 2, 2010

New York's Finest

We see the sign all the time: If you see something, say something. Thanks to an eagle-eyed T-shirt vendor on 45th st., a disaster was averted yesterday in Times Square. He saw smoke coming out of a parked SUV and told a police officer. The NYPD found a (thankfully) crude bomb inside the vehicle. The area was evacuated, shows cancelled or started late. I hope the perpetrators are caught. Thanks to the New Yorker who saw something and said something. (He refused to be identified.) And thanks to the ever efficient NYPD and the bomb squad. New York's Finest indeed.

(photo from Reuters)


Jon said...

like you said before ta lani. they always seems to target NYC, just like in the movies. hope they catch the b*st*rd!

Pinky said...

Kudos to the NYC vendor who quickly alerted the police and for the quick response of NY's finest! I've been glued to CNN following this story.

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