May 13, 2010

Newsweek's Straight Jacket Brouhaha

Newsweek recently published an article by Ramin Setoodeh entitled "Straight Jacket" where he questions the believability of gay actors playing straight characters. Personally, I felt that the article was more about the writer's issues than the issue he's writing about and for him to generalize that other audience members see it this way is just wrong. I saw Sean Hayes in Promises, Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother and Jonathan Groff on Glee as well as in Spring Awakening. I didn't have a problem believing they were straight as their characters were in their respective shows.

The article has caused much uproar among Broadway message boards and forums and has even evoked condemnation from Kristin Chenoweth, Cheyenne Jackson, Michael Urie and Glee's producer Ryan Murphy. In this article, Setoodeh responds to all the backlash. But now, GLAAD is weighing in on the issue and is now urging Newsweek to issue an apology.

To read the original article and the respective responses, click the links above.

Edit (5/13 10:42 pm):
Milk's Oscar winning writer, Dustin Lance Black gives his thoughts on the issue. And here too is Aaron Sorken's point of view plus a great article from Entertainment Weekly .


Jon said...

I did not even know that Jonathan Groff (jesse in Glee) is gay. my Gaydar did not tip me off from his performance in Glee.

About Sean Hayes, I dunno how i would feel if i saw him in Promises as a straight man. i would be so distracted thinking about him as Jack in Will and Grace.

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