June 11, 2010

This Cup's for You

Back in the good ol' MTV days, I watched The Real World and Road Rules before the sleaze factor crept in. Now, the only reality show I watch is The Amazing Race. Reality shows are all the rage, and not just on television, but even online. I saw a commercial for Bud House on ESPN this morning as we were watching the South Africa vs. Mexico game. It is a web reality show featuring 32 football fanatics from 32 countries living as one in South Africa for the duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As each team gets eliminated, that country's fan will get booted from the house. The last fan standing will get a ticket to the final game and present the Budweiser Man of the Match award to the Most Valuable Player. (disclaimer: I do not partake of alcoholic beverages and do not endorse Budweiser or drinking.)

SIDENOTE: Our condolences to anti-apartheid leader and former South African President Nelson Mandela and his family. His 13 year old great-granddaughter was killed in a car crash after a pre-tournament gala concert Thursday.


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