July 7, 2010

Are you ready to cringe?

Then head down to International Cringefest '10 when July 19 rolls around, because this will feature a slew of wacky and irreverent musicals, plays, and films. Below is the program for the festival.

July 23, July 27, July 31 (5pm & 8pm); August 4
• Chat Room by Melanie Wallner
• Would Ya? by Bruce Post
• Clean up, Aisle Six by Paul J. Lawrence
• Bagel Shopping by David Schrag
• Jump! by George J. Bryjak
• Phil in Customer Service by David Schrag
• After Life by Jon Brooks
• Zombie Strippers (musical) by Mark LaPierre

PSYCHO BITCH PARTY (dir. Kenny Howard)
July 19, July 24 (5pm & 8pm), July 30; August 5
• Ashley Saves the World by Tom Baum
• The Surprise Party by Jeff Stolzer
• Lori at a Fetish Party (musical)
Book & lyrics Melanie Zoey Weinstein,
Composer Cecilia Woodcrest
• Psycho Bitch & the Throbbing Blue Veiner by Barbara Lindsay
• New Rochelle by John Ryan

IS THAT A CORNCOB IN YOUR POCKET? (dirs. Sharon Einhorn,
Mark Falconer, Kenny Wade Marshall)
July 20, July 28; August 2, August 7 (5pm & 8pm)
• Sweet Talk by Jim Inman
• Red Dirt, White Trash by Jean Hart
• Whittlin' Dixie (musical) by Bud Twang
• The Clothing Line by Eve Crusto
• The Great Pig Robbery (musical), dir. Kenny Wade Marshall)
Book & lyrics by Blake Hackler, composer Michael Kooman

SEX, THUGS & ROCKIN' ROLES (dir. Tom Amici)
July 22, July 26, August 1 (4pm & 7pm), August 6
• 69 Stories by Frank O'Donnell
• Torrid Taxes by Laurie Spector
• Four Characters in Search of a Play by John Lane
• The Greatest Play Ever (If You Don't Think So, You're a Basket of Farts) by John Hendel
• Godot, Act 3 by Ira Hauptman
• Nanny Lends a Hand by Jean Hart
• Fingerman by Hope Weiner
• Don't Write a Bad Play, or a Cautionary Tale about the Brutality of the War on Terror and the Futility of Using Violence to Stop Violence by Jack Karp
• The Artistic Integrity of a Damned-Fine Love Story by Robin Rodriguez

July 21, July 25 (4pm & 7pm), July 29; August 3
• The Alopecia Plot by Jules Tasca (dir. Reginald Douglas)
• The Hedge Fun by Raeder Lomax (dir. Reginald Douglas)
• Sarah Opts Out! by Shirley King (dir. Reginald Douglas)
• Small World by Jeff Stolzer (dir. Reginald Douglas)
• Bullwhips & Boo Boo Bird by Catherine Pelonero (dir. Eva Minemar)
• The Patent Application by Stephen Delos Treacy (dir. Aaron Arbiter)

NO HOLES BARRED (late-night Saturday) (dir. Kenny Wade Marshall)
July 24 & July 31 & August 7 (10:30pm), Sun., August 8 (4pm)
• Oh my Josh! by Doron Braunshtein aka Apollo Braun
• The Queen's Privy (musical) by Michael Paul Girard
• The Ass Scent of Man – a docurectomy by Zurbon Gish
• It Came from Uranus (musical) by Lance Theo Carpenter (dir. Aaron Arbiter)

The Cringefest is happening from July 19 to August 8 in the Grand Theater at the Producers' Club 358 W. 44 St. from Monday to Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 5, 8, and 10 p.m., and Sunday at 4 and 7 p.m. Check out the NY Artists website for more information and Theater Mania for ticketing.


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