September 1, 2010

Multiple Sarcasms

Ok I will lay it out there......I only saw this movie because Julia Murney is in it. There I said it. But it does have a terrific cast! I mean Timothy Hutton, Stockard Channing, Dana Delaney and Mira Sorvino plus it's set in NYC!

Gabriel (Timothy Hutton) had everything, a nice job (he's an architect), good wife and family, close friends and nice house but somehow there's still something missing. Amidst all these things in his life, he is lost. Strayed from the path, but which path he too doesn't seem to know. He then begins to re-examines his life and decides to write a play about what he's going through as a means to find "what's missing". Becoming entrenched in his play, he in turn alienates everyone around him and this comes to a climax when his play eventually comes together and becomes a hit at the cost of everything.

As mentioned, Timothy Hutton plays Gabriel. Dana Delaney his wife (Annie), India Ennenga (Elizabeth) his daughter, Stockard Channing his agent and Mira Sorvino (Cari) his best friend. The acting was good and I thought that it's an honest look at a man going through a midlife crisis. Told from a man's point of view, the women characters weren't fully developed. It did get a bit tedious at certain point when Gabriel becomes self-absorbed and overly mopey. Thank goodness that when it came to this point, Stockard Channing's character gives out the best line "Gabriel, this whiny white guy shit has got to end!" And it did, the movie shifts as he "finds" himself and his play becomes successful.

As for Julia Murney's scenes, well, she's in the "play scenes" where she is the stage version of Cari. Thank goodness she has quite a few lines (definitely more than the sneeze from Ghost Town) and her scenes are with Coast of Utopia's Eric Sheffer Stevens (Gabriel 1) and Tim Bohn (Gabriel 2). Actually, the play scenes are pretty interesting and funny for it's self-referential nature. I would love to see it played out. For Julia's scenes please click the photo below.

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