October 3, 2010

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I have wanted to watch the movie about the origins of Facebook after seeing the ominous trailer set to an eerie version of Radiohead's Creep. In a world made smaller by Facebook, it is ironically tragic that the people behind it were torn apart by the very thing they created. Written by the brilliant Aaron Sorkin (who makes a cameo in the film), The Social Network is a surprisingly fascinating look at how the biggest social networking site was founded, as well as the infighting and legal wrangling that followed. The screenplay is wordy, shrewd, piercing, funny, and oftentimes delivered in rapid-fire fashion by the actors. The pacing is also perfect, going back and forth between flashbacks, and depositions from the 2 lawsuits. All this, along with crisp editing and top-notch performances, made (for me at least) for a truly engrossing film.

The opening of the movie introduces us to Mark Zuckerberg (a stellar, nuanced performance by Jesse Eisenberg), a fast-talking computer whiz obsessing about gaining entry into Harvard's elite "final clubs" while out on a date with his girlfriend Erica Albright (Rooney Mara). He steadily barrages her with clever put-downs, leaving her no choice but to dump his socially awkward a#&. What is one to do in this digital age? Why, blog about it of course. And come up with a website that will "include" anyone, befriending everyone and virtually thumbing his nose at the Ivy league schools' exclusivity.

His friend Eduardo Saverin (an outstanding Andrew Garfield, future Peter Parker/Spiderman) provides him with an all-important algorithm, as well as the necessary funds to start the company. Eduardo was the most sympathetic character in the film, and it's hard to watch movie Mark betray his only friend. Napster co-founder Sean Parker (who knew Justin Timberlake could play loathsome charmer?) surely had something to do with it, because he wheedled his way into the company. Armie Hammer plays the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who wanted Zuckerberg to develop a networking site for the University, and also ended up suing him for stealing their idea. (I had no idea only one actor played the role, until the credits rolled. Kudos Director David Fincher and Mr. Hammer!)

We all know how the saga ends. Mark Zuckerberg becomes the world's youngest billionaire. We all got addicted to Facebook. We tend our virtual Farms instead of actually gardening. Satisfy our inner gangsters through Mafia Wars. Stay connected with our "friends" by being cooped up at home in front of the computer. Care for our Pet Pupz instead of walking the dog. Call in sick and go to work in YoVille. If you agree, or don't agree, with my review, please Comment or Dislike. Send me a Message.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go update my status.


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