November 13, 2010

Heroin Off-Broadway

Nope the title of this post isn't a misspell, it's really heroin as in the narcotic not heroine, the female lead in a play. I wanted to give kudos to NY Post writers Laura Italiano and Kevin Fasick who employed their creative writing and inserted Broadway shows into their report of a drug bust in the theatre district. Here's an excerpt of the article:

Mama Mia! (It should be Mamma Mia though)
Narcotics cops seized 28 pounds of dope from a theater district heroin mill yesterday -- a stash worth a Wicked $6.5 million.
The drugs were found at 417 West 43rd Street, inside a Next To Normal-seeming ground floor duplex just two blocks from Times Square, officials said. The residential building sits across the street from Actors Studio and a block north of Theatre Row....
Four alleged American Idiots are in custody in connection with the bust,...
The building's residents include elderly folks and parents with young children -- all of them quite upset with their Brief Encounter with alleged drug kingpins....
All four members of the alleged $6.5 Million Dollar Quartet are awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. They include two alleged druggies who happen to live uptown -- In The Heights.

Pretty clever! Unfortunately, this inside joke goes over readers' heads as irate readers complain about over capitalization in the comment section. To read the full article with the comments, please click here.

(photo from NY Post)


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