November 2, 2010

Music for Piano and Cello

Our good friend, Victor Asuncion was in the area last Thursday (10/28) and performed at Northwestern University with cellist, Lynn Harrell. The recital was at the Pick-Staiger Concert Hall in Evanston. So Tom, Jon and I made sure we were in the audience that night. I must confess that I'm not very astute in terms of symphony or chamber music but I do know when music is pleasing to my ears and that night was one definitely pleasurable. I have to say that hearing music that featured a cello is very fresh and unique since I've never had that chance to experience that before. I particularly enjoyed the Requiem For Three Cellos (David Popper) which Mr. Harrell performed with Northwestern students, Emily Hu and Julia Young. The piece involved them playing in the round where one cellist would start then after a few bars of music the next one would play the same notes and then the third would join them. Each cellist also took turns playing the lead. Very playful and lyrical. I did really love Victor and Mr. Harrell's Sonata in D, Major Op. 102, No. 2 by Beethoven mainly because it was amazing to see them play so in sync. You could tell they've played with each other several times. We were also perfectly seated so we could see Victor's fingers tinker those piano keys with combined ferocity and delicacy when the piece called for it. But most of all, it was just pure delight to see a friend on stage.

Here are some photos I took that night:

The Pick-Staiger Concert Hall of Northwestern University in Evanston

Victor and Lynn Harrell before they started playing

Here's a close-up


The playbill (do they call it that for recitals?)


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