November 8, 2010

Protest Aimed At Scottsboro Boys

A group called Freedom Party protested outside the Lyceum Theatre last Saturday. It is where the musical The Scottsboro Boys is currently playing. The fliers from the protest claimed: "When is Racist Terrorism Musical Entertainment? Where is the Song and Dance Musicals about Gas Chambers, World Trade Center or Japanese Internment Camps?"

A response from Susan Stroman, the show's director, was obtained by the NY Times:
Ms. Stroman said she was disappointed that people who probably had not seen the musical misunderstood that the creators were not celebrating the minstrel tradition but rather using it to reveal the evils of the system.

“The trials were treated as if the boys were in a minstrel show” because it was such a farce, she said of the production. “The actors actually deconstruct the device in front of the audience,” and in the end, rebel against it".

I'd like to direct you to read this well written post by Jason Cochran who was an audience member last Saturday. He wrote about his experience as well as a great rebuttal to the protest. I'll be seeing the show with Lani soon and couldn't agree more with Mr. Cochran. This forgotten story has to be told!

(photo above fr. NY Times)


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