November 9, 2010


When I saw the trailer for this movie with Helen Mirren and Mary Louise Parker, I knew for sure that I wanted to see it! Red is a movie about ex-CIA undercover agents forced to come out of retirement when they found out that they were being hunted down one by one by their former agency. It's an action comedy that also stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich as other "retirees". Mary-Louise Parker's character only gets involved with the group because Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) develops an infatuation with her. Her character, Sarah, a government employee, is in charge of sending Frank's pension checks. Frank, wanting to have a reason to call Sarah back, tears his pension checks when he receives them. The CIA finds out that Frank has been communicating with her so they think they might have a relationship. Because of this, Sarah's life is now also in danger that Frank decides to kidnap her to keep her safe. Ironic is it not?

What follows is a James Bond/Matrix/A-Team-esque action comedy to uncover the plot and their true nemesis. Though some parts of the plot are predictable or even too good to be true, the movie turned out to be really entertaining and quite enjoyable! Just seeing Helen Mirren brandishing that 50 calibre gun in her white gown is fun in itself. She also has some best lines in the movie. John Malcovich is spot on as the very paranoid Marvin Boggs. He does the quirky and bizarre perfectly. Karl Urban (of Eomer fame from LOTR) is William Cooper, the agent after them. He's pretty intimidating. There are twists and turns and some cameos from seasoned actors like Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfus.

The movie may not be Oscar worthy but it surely is a fun night at the movies.


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