May 30, 2011

Burke Brise Soleil

Lani and I headed up to Milwaukee on Saturday to catch Julia Murney and Jennifer Laura Thompson performing Wicked Divas with the Milwaukee Symphony (more on that later). Before seeing the concert however, we roamed the city ala "Amazing Race" to see the landmarks as well as it's neighborhoods.

Below is the Burke Brise Soleil, affectionately nicknamed "The Wings" of the Milwaukee Art Museum. This beautiful architectural masterpiece is a creation of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and is part of the Museum's Quadracci Pavilion. The pavilion and it's wings have become the symbol of this beautiful city. Check out the videos of the wings opening and closing that we were able to catch. The whole sequence takes 3.5 minutes every noon time. So if you're in the city make sure you get to witness it.




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