May 10, 2011

TicketMonster is at it AGAIN!

Yes, the title is not a typo but that is what I call Ticketmaster these days! Apparently they are adding more fees to their already exorbitant fee structure. Though this fee structure will only apply to concerts for now, who knows when they'll decide to apply that to theatre tickets too!

Here's a sample of their new fee according to the NY Daily News:
The sliding-scale arrangement ranges from an extra $12.05 per ticket for Britney Spears this summer to an additional $6.05 a seat to see Paul Simon this week at the Beacon Theater.

Seats priced at $54.50 to see Rhymin' Simon come with $13.75 in fees; the premium seats, priced at $139.50, carry an additional $19.80 in fees.

The fee structure simultaneously whacks high-end and low-end buyers: The folks in the cheap seats pay less overall, but the fees are 25% of the ticket's face value.

And the people down front are simply paying extra cash for their seats, as if processing a pricier ticket was somehow more expensive.

In the past, Ticketmaster fees were uniform for an event regardless of the face value.

Enough is enough! When will the greed stop?!! For the whole article please click here.

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