June 10, 2011

The Brotherhood of Dan

I was in NYC again this past weekend to see some shows just before the Tony Awards. First up on Friday night (6/3) was How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe. The show is about J. Pierrepont Finch, a window washer who manages to make his way up to be an executive in the World Wide Wicket Company by following the advice of a book called How To Succeed In Business.

I relished the chance to see how this kid we all know as Harry Potter morph himself into a song and dance man. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays J. Pierrepont Finch, carries the show with energy, charm and pure determination. He has a decent voice but I would have to say he is a better dancer than a singer. It's evident that when seen with the ensemble, who perform the dances mellifluously, you can see how much effort he pours into his dancing. Not that it's bad but I do think it's very admirable that he does it with much gusto and he seems to be having the time of his life. He also has great comedic timing and yes, I have to say it again, he's very charming on stage so it is no surprise that he can get away with what he does in the show.

John Larroquette as JB Biggley is amusingly funny. Mr. Larroquette and Mr. Radcliffe play very well off each other. Rose Hemingway (Rosemary Pilkington) has a lovely voice but is limited since her character isn't well developed. Tammy Blanchard plays Hedy LaRue and she is a delight. She has the most hilarious line readings in the show and when coupled with a great NY accent, she just runs away with the show. The ensemble of dancers are wonder to watch but I have to say that my eyes are always drawn to Megan Sikora. She's fascinating to watch with her great lines and control.

The honey comb set with it's 60's vibe were also engaging as well as Rob Ashford's choreography. Although it did remind me of Promises, Promises which Mr. Ashford also directed. I do love the way he incorporates office equipment in some of his dances. It's pretty clever. Over all, it's an entertaining night at the theatre with lots of song and dance numbers and who doesn't want that?

Some photos I took that night:

the craziness of the stage door from across the street

check out the sea of people at the stagedoor

John Larroquette

Rob Bartlett (Mr. Twimble/Wally Womper)

Daniel Radcliffe

Elle Harvey (Miss Jones)

Well, he's not in How To Succeed but when we were walking home, we ran into Tony winner and repeat nominee, Mark Rylance of the play Jerusalem filming his segment for the Tonys.


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