July 20, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is the family film to see if your little ones aren't old enough, or just haven't fallen under the spell of a certain boy wizard. I've always loved Pooh bear, and to see Christopher Robin and all his pals on the big screen was such a treat. I'm a big fan of old school, lovingly hand-drawn animation. To me they are works of art, a throwback to those innocent days before CGI and 3D became the norm. This perfectly polished gem of a film is sure to become a classic.

The story is very simple and just short enough to keep the attention of children. This sweet-as-honey film is narrated by John Cleese. Pooh (and Tigger) is voiced by Jim Cummings; the know-it-all Owl by Craig Ferguson. For us older members of the audience, it is nostalgic. For the kids, it is the proper way to be introduced to the creatures of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Come early to see a beautiful animated short about Nessie. I loved the still life photos of Christopher Robin's room that book-ends the movie. Stay until the end of the credits for a bonus scene. Plus the credits themselves are all still fully animated, with the Hundred Acre gang popping up amongst the names. Thanks for that Pixar touch, producer John Lasseter!

Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Robert Lopez (of Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon fame) provided additional music. Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel's performances of the songs provided the right amount of whimsy and charm to an already delightful film.


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