August 24, 2011

Blanchett: On Skincare and Stage Make-up

Cate Blanchett, spokesperson of Japanese skin care SK-II talks about skincare, stage make-up, stage acting vs film acting and returning to The Shire with Here's an excerpt:

So you do your own makeup when you’re on stage?

I’ve always done my own makeup for the stage. I’ve learned that it’s mostly about contouring and the fact that you don’t actually need as much makeup as you think you do if you’re well lit. But it depends on the house and the character and the production.

You typically have a hair and makeup team with you when you’re working on a film, though, right?

Yes. But whenever I’m doing a film, the relationship with the makeup artist is a really collaborative one. Because it’s part of the creation of the character and you don’t want to hand that over to someone else.

How does the experience of acting on stage vs. acting on camera compare or differ, in your experience?

With a show, it’s about the ensemble and the tangible growth of the work, so by the time it’s gotten to the end of the run, if it’s been well rehearsed and the text is really great, it takes off. That’s the pleasure of touring. You’re very responsible for the whole and it’s a fantastic thing to surf. You’ve also got an incredibly direct link to the audience and they will tell you if it’s not working. Film is a different skill and I do miss it a bit—that rapid-fire response.

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