August 15, 2011

The Comedy of Errors

From the Bard's longest play Hamlet, to The Comedy of Errors, his shortest, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The famous tale of mistaken identities starred Lucky Gretzinger and Michael Borrelli as the twins Antipholus of Syracuse and Ephesus, respectively. The second set of twins separated at birth, the two Dromios, were played by the hilarious Nance Williamson and Gabra Zackman.

What makes the festival even more fascinating is that most of the actors are also in the other featured plays, so they really get the chance to stretch their acting chops. It is a treat for audience members to see their versatility.

With interesting costumes, lively gags, and surprise songs and musical numbers, The Comedy of Errors is a crowd pleaser. A truly entertaining night at this very unique theatre.
The tent at Boscobel. Come early and picnic on the breathtaking grounds.
There is nothing like watching a play in such a beautiful setting. The festival ends 04 September, so there is still some time left to catch a show. If not, see you next summer!


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