August 29, 2011

Theatre Diehards!

With Hurricane Irene looming in the East Coast, I actually felt guilty because we had such good weather here in Chicago. Nevertheless, I still kept in contact with my friends and family in the East Coast wondering how they weathered the storm. I had heard that all of Broadway had closed for two days but was totally taken by surprise when I saw on the Kennedy Center website, the announcement "all shows will be performing tonight". You see, it was the last day of performance of the Sydney Theatre Company's Uncle Vanya. I guess they do adhere to the slogan, the show must go on! I couldn't believe it!

Here is a very interesting article by the Washington Post about the theatre diehards who persisted and made it. This paragraph, I guess, resonates with me:

"Why march headfirst into a hurricane? The reason seems a relic of an earlier era: When you can DVR everything you can’t catch on television, YouTube every gaffe you missed the first time around and see any movie you want any time you want, it’s easy to forget that there are some things you can see only once, in real time, in real life.

And Saturday night was the last chance to see this cast perform this play. Period."

If I too had tickets to the last performance, I probably would've trudged the rain and crawled my way to the theatre, wet look and all! Hurricane Irene has come and gone but stories of peoples' experience of the storm will forever live in their memories so hats off to those who made it to the performance. To be in the presence of Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and the rest of the cast of Uncle Vanya, what a way to let the storm pass!

(photo above from the Washington Post)


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