October 27, 2011

At The Movies with Rush and Blanchett

A friend from Oz sent me this link of a preview with Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett. They take over the critic seats of Margaret Pomerantz and David Stratton, Australia's version of Siskel and Ebert. Pomerantz and Stratton have been a fixture of Australian film and TV and have been known to clash with their opinions. Just recently, Oct 26 in fact, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of their show At The Movies with Rush and Blanchett taking over hosting duties.

Below is a pretty amusing snippet of the episode where the two thespians/Oscar winners roast
the film critics. I've been told by my Aussie friend that both of them were spot on as Pomerantz and Stratton. People tweeting about it thought so too (see here). Have a look!

Addendum (10/27 12:49 am): Oh here's some behind the scenes blurb from the filming of the episode.


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