December 14, 2012

Heal the Brokenhearted

On a personal note, my thoughts and prayers  are with the people of Sandy Hook and Newtown,  and the state of Connecticut. This hit very close to home. My sisters live minutes away.  We know that community.  My niece's school got locked down. My sister works at the hospital where they were bringing the victims. The hospital was also locked down. We've been in that church where they held the vigil tonight.  Although my heart is heavy, I pray that everyone find peace, love, and light.

 ~ For All of the Children and Families of Sandy Hook Elementry School ~ A Prayer
by Tracy Brooks at Soul Beckons

rest in the arms of love
may angels lift your heavy hearts
may we take this darkness
infuse it with our light
know we are all connected ~

whisper a prayer
light a candle
embrace our children ~

let what we can not comprehend be turned over to Spirit
let our tears and disbelief
be an invitation to care more deeply,
love more fully
and watch over each other


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