December 21, 2012

ICYMI: Chastain One on One with Charlie Rose

I can't believe I'm going to admit this but thanks to twitter, I was able to set my dvr on time to catch the one on one interview of Jessica Chastain on Charlie Rose.  The interview was broadcast last Thursday (Dec. 13) on PBS/Bloomberg.  In the first segment she talks about her new movie Zero Dark Thirty which just opened in NYC and LA (wide release is Jan 11, 2013).  The second half she talks about her journey as a child longing to act to auditioning for Juillard and eventually becoming a working actress.  What I found really interesting was how she was able to eloquently articulate about her process of finding and becoming the character.  No wonder she seamlessly disappears into her varied roles!  Not just a talented actress but what a smart and perceptive woman.  It's one of the best interviews I've ever seen.   Click on the photo above to view the video.

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