January 26, 2013

Lessons from a Stagedoor Sweetheart

We started this blog in May of 2007 and since then we have met many actors at the stagedoor.  I have to say that by far, no one beats Jessica Chastain in being the loveliest actor I've ever met at the stagedoor.  At the time we saw her in previews (Oct. 2012) of The Heiress, there were about 50 people at the stagedoor and my friends and I were surprised that she signed and took pictures with EVERYONE.  She makes sure she converses with people and seems to generally enjoy the experience.  Actually, when it was my turn, she stopped signing, had a big smile, looked me in the eye and listened to what I had to say (which was how I really enjoyed the play and that she was wonderful as Catherine).  She's very appreciative, takes her time (yes no handler to rush you along), waits patiently until each and everyone has had their turn. 
Ever so gracious, she has this genuine aura of warmth about her that's very endearing.  Since then, I've read on various theatre message boards that she comes out to meet theatregoers after each and every show (yes even on matinees!).  Just this past week, she braved the 16 F cold weather to greet fans who have been waiting for her (see video here).  And if that's not enough, she was photographed Thursday night at the stagedoor busting out her ASL (that would be American Sign Language) to converse with a hearing impaired fan (read here).  Can you imagine how that fan must have felt???!!! Wow!  As a person who work with hearing impaired children, I am blown away by her generosity and big heart.
(photos above from The Daily Mail)




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