January 31, 2013

Martin Sheen Recants Opposition to Zero Dark Thirty

If you were living under a rock lately during this Awards season then you weren't aware that the movie Zero Dark Thirty (the most critically acclaimed film of the year w/ a score of 95% on Metacritic) has fallen off it's front runner position since it opened in limited release in December 2012.  It has much to do with people saying that it "glorifies torture" so much so that around Jan.13, actors Ed Asner, David Clennon and Martin Sheen drafted a petition and called on Oscar voters to boycott Zero Dark Thirty for any of the categories it was nomintated.  Specifically saying "We hope that ‘Zero’ will not be honored by Academy (or Guild) members”.  You can read more about it here.
Yesterday (1/30), however, The NY Times reports that actor Martin Sheen has said that "he did not believe that Oscar voters or anyone else should shun “Zero Dark Thirty.”  He further states that he shared Ms. Bigelow’s expressed opposition to the use of torture, and said that the film had “done great, great service to the issue” by bringing it to the fore. Mr. Sheen said he had watched the movie weeks ago and “was very moved and troubled by it.”  Read the full report here.
My question is.....if he saw the movie weeks ago, why is this recanting just coming out now?  A bit irresponsible I would say (how can you not be aware of a petition you agreed to and signed?) and a little too late the damage has been done!


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